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Webcast WellCheck

Your key to creating webcasts that your audiences deserve

What is a Webcast WellCheck?


Simply put, it's a professional review of your current webcast offering. We listen to your webcasts, then provide detailed feedback about what is working

well, and where you can up your game.


We review:
--Titles and landing pages
--Slide design and overall content

--Audio and video quality
--Use of tools and platform



You receive:
--Detailed report with actionable recommendations
--Phone consult supporting your next event

--Valuable insights that help you connect with your audience

The details:
--1 week turnaround to get you quickly headed in the right direction

--Cost $500   Value: Eye opening insights are priceless.  


We deliver webcasts, but we don’t listen to them.  That is what made your WellCheck so valuable.  The industry insights opened our eyes.  We’ve already seen more interest in our events by making the suggested changes to our titles and abstracts. 


–Marketing Director in the Computer Software Industry

Our webcasts have been on auto pilot for the past 10 years.  I had no idea so much had changed, and I’m looking forward to implementing your suggestions.  Well done! 


--Company CEO in the HR/Talent Management Industry

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